What We Offer

Creativity Focused Learning

A novel pedagogical process designed to enhance students creative thinking skills while learning subject matter. The unique combination of learning and teaching methods is what gives this new approach it's edge!

Creating Creators

Our educational programs are designed to enhance students creative problem solving skills while involving them in STEM activities. These programs will increase students ability to critically analyze a problem in order to create an effective novel solution, by putting their researched ideas into practical application.

Inspiring Creators

Being an engineer requires mental strength, stamina, and creativity! Check out how our summer camps engage students in collaborative learning, divergent thinking, and creativity while working on aerospace related engineering projects!

hyQ Academy at Work

Project High Flight

Creativity Focused Learning was created in Project High Flight, a sequence of undergraduate classes designed to develop students creative problem solving abilities while working on a project of their choice.

Gateway to Space

Participants learn how to access their creative potential and then use that ability to develop innovative solutions to engineering problems in the field of aerospace.

Gateway to Imagination

An after-school activity program that introduces younger students to creative problem solving and helps them learn to think more imaginatively in STEM

"We are all born creators, the challenge is to recognize this ability and improve upon it everyday."

Jacqueline Vance, Co-Founder and Executive Director

"If there were some way for Creativity Focused Learning to be integrated into the education system, it would be beneficial for both individuals and society. Companies, everyone would benefit. There’s so much freedom and exploration that Creativity Focused Learning gives you."

Summer Hashlamoun, Project High Flight participant

"Accept no boundaries, your only limit need be the farther reaches of your own imagination."

Robert Setlock, Co-Founder and President

Connect, Learn, Teach.

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